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Synfig Studio is a vector based 2D animation program. It is designed to be capable of producing feature-film quality animation. It eliminates the need for tweening, preventing the need to hand-draw each frame. Synfig Studio features spatial and temporal resolution independence (sharp and smooth at any resolution or framerate), high dynamic range images, and a flexible plugin system.
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Synfig Studio for Win32

Current Synfig Studio revision is #1915. Remember, Synfig Studio at this page may contain additional patches and improvements.

Download Synfig Core: synfig-0.61.08-1915.exe  (1000, 1000)
Download Synfig Studio: synfigstudio-0.61.08-1915.exe  (1139, 1139)

You also need to install first Gtk+ 2.10.11-1 or higher, Gtkmm 2.10.11-1 or higher.

Download Gtk+/Win32 Runtime Environment Installer 2.10.11-1
Download Gtkmm/Win32 Runtime Environment Installer 2.10.11-1

Current Synfig build for Windows does not support:
  • libavcodec
  • FMOD (?)

Synfig Studio for Fedora Core i386

In additional to windows build, this page contain a Fedora Core repository. Current Synfig Studio revision is #1915. You can start use it by run the next command at root:

rpm -Uvh

Then you may use Yum to access to repository "synfig-testing". This file contain repo file for Yum and rpm gpg key, for checking packages.
Available packages: